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The Internet Finds Song Ji Hyo's “Hidden” Daughter

It's true that actress and cast of the popular television program Running Man, Song Ji Hyo has own daughter but not revealed it?

With the power of the Internet today, the pictures of a girl in South Korea has become viral because of her looks a lot similar to that celebrities.

However, that girl was not the daughter of 34-year-old actress was even there is no blood relation at all.

That young girl  is gaining a lot of attention for her likeness to actress Song Ji Hyo which further earned her a nickname “Little Ji Hyo,” “Ji Hyo’s daughter” and more.

 An online forum in South Korea widely discussed the similarities of the young girl after a post titled “Song Ji Hyo’s hidden daughter” caught the attention of the netizens.

The netizens had compared the similar features between the actress and the girl and highlighted their big eyes, long lashes and their bright smile.

The similar led to the online nicknames “Ji Hyo’s smaller version,” “Ji Hyo’s hidden daughter” were formulated and led to the viral popularity of the young girl on the internet, while some wonder why there was no direct similarity to fellow “Monday Couple” Gary instead.

Anyway, the two of them together is absolutely adorable and has a sweet smile.

 Source: IP Portal
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